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Delaying That Loss, This is the merit of Prayer On Time

We as Muslims must already know that prayer is the foundation or the pillar of religion. The stronger the people of one's daily prayers, the more powerful it religion. Because of the importance of prayer to make their daily prayer should be done under any circumstances. Even people in pain conditions still have to perform prayers during still able to perform their prayers. Prayer will be made after reverberate marked by its call to prayer. If after the sound azan call to prayer should be to rush doing it will be much better than those who delay the prayer because he belonged to the losers. As relation which we will describe in this article losers when not praying on time.

In connection with this now more and more people are often put off the prayer for the sake of putting the affairs of the world such as jobs and many others. They neglect the fact of praying five times, to hear something like this is really very alarming. Though there is primacy and privilege of praying on time and it is highly recommended by the Prophet Muhammad. Lots keutmaan when praying on time, are as follows!

This is the merit of Timely Prayer Can You Go
  1. The virtue of prayer timely submitted by Usman Bin Affan:
  2. Prayers on time then he is a person who always loved by God
  3. Healthy body will always be guarded by Allah SWT.
  4. The angels will always keep us from deeds and bad things
  5. The face will always shine, white and clean which signifies a devout group
  6. Make someone has a soft heart
  7. Kept away from the pain of the torment of hell

Now that the primacy of prayer on time for Muslims submitted by Usman bin Affan. In addition there are several benefits that you can get when can perform prayers on time, are as follows!

Life Coaching Discipline
By getting timely prayer can be helpful which makes a person become more disciplined than those who do not pray on time. So that's why it is very important to teach your child to be able to pray at the right time. So with so later when the body of an adult your child will be much more independent compared to other children his age.

Abort In Every Sin
The next benefit of prayers on time is to help abort every sin ever done either because intentional or not. Based on the hadith of the Prophet which was narrated by Ahmad explained that every Muslim is praying on time and with sincerity then sin will fall like the leaves that fall from the tree.

bring Rizki
Prayer is not only beneficial to train disciplined life and can abort the prayer alone. But also can be useful to bring a lot of good luck in our lives. Rizki not seen of how much money and position that we have. Rizki But the main thing is the form of health, happiness and success of the world and the hereafter.

That's the explanation about the primacy prayers on time. If you are one person who perform prayers on time then you're not among the class of people who are the losers. So and hopefully useful. 
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